Hounded To Death To Sate The Disloyal Curs…

Angry remonstrations with the UK Government must surely be the appropriate response to the wrenching report in the Telegraph,  of how ‘a soldier who was being investigated over his actions in Northern Ireland took his own life.’

We were told these nonsense inquisitions were to be wrapped up, led to believe that no further hounding of British veterans would happen.

The Government has promised to protect veterans from prosecution, but there has been concern over the length of time being taken to introduce any measures to safeguard

Ending these witch-hunts has to go the top of the government’s agenda.


Few if any decent British patriots see any point in paying heed to the whines from the shrillest elements in Ulster’s disloyal minority.

Few if any decent Brits see any place for vindictive witch-hunts against ex-servicemen like the man who has committed suicide, or Soldier F.,  currently being readied for bear-bating in a UK court.

The people allegedly ‘wronged’ by members of HM Forces in these old yarns are invariably Sinn Feiners or other good-for-nothings devoid of loyalty to Queen and Country.

Why make good people’s lives a misery on their account?