Vilified By In-Crowd Haters, Hamburg’s AfD Patriots Hold Out!

tI see from DW’s election report that the AFD patriot party ‘just scraped’ into the Hamburg state legislative council after last weekend’s elections.

Other media, I think it was Al Jazeera, an often offensive source…

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…claimed the German patriots had been ‘PUNISHED’ by voters.


Punished for what?

AfD have neither said nor done anything amiss, except engage in the legal, parliamentary, political process laid down in the German constitution.

Punished, the howling from the propaganda mills proclaimed..


…for the crime of a crazy man in Hanau, who had no connection at all to the AfD, nor, as far as we know, to any party.

But, not unlike the indefensible hate campaign last October, after a crime completely without links to the AfD…

…another isolated violent incident – this time in Hanau – has been seized upon by the hateful left in-crowd and the hateful media too, to engage in hysterical hate-mongering…

….inciting hatred with a smear campaign against the patriots.

The country’s political/media ruling class, morally bankrupt, ever-increasingly losing public trust, has more or less transformed its constituent parts…



…into a multi-faceted hate machine, mendaciously snarling at the only truly honest party in today’s Germany.

Methinks to no lasting effect, however!

Hamburg has never been a strong area for AfD and their percentage was only down from 6% in 2015 to 5.3% this time!

Hardly a stern ‘punishment!’

BTW, much amusement can be derived from a lengthy Twitter outpouring of premature far-left gloats…



…when it looked like the AfD might not get across the 5% quota required for seats on Hamburg’s council.

Those mouthy reds must be feeling red in the face, or maybe green about the gills, today!