A Word To The WordPress Wise – Chop That ‘Block!’

The trouble with tekkies is that they may think they have produced a work of art, but, as with much of modern art, it’s no good to normal folks.

Don’t cry, WordPress Tex!

I’m not comparing your new ‘Block’ editing system to Damien Hurst’s insults to the intelligence.

Arrogant Elites, Cameron, God And You Know Who! 

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Damien Hurst’s Pickled Cow!

I am simply saying that –

If It Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It!

The Classic WordPress was easy tohandle, from the get-go. Heck, even I got it!

So why push us into a clumsy and unappealing new way of editing?

The WP ‘Help’ section are very nice and, of course, helpful.

But if you stumble into Block by accident, as I did earlier this month, you might want to try some self-help, by using this link, here-https://www.watermelonwebworks.com/getting-rid-of-gutenberg-how-to-revert-to-the-old-wordpress-editor/

……PS – yes, I did say much the same as the above, two years ago, but it’s well worth saying again!