Jail This Evil Imam? Czechs Should Send Him To Assad!

 And another example of the Enemy Within?



Prague is a beautiful city, so it’s strange to read of it being uglified by a savage, with a typical jihadist grotty beard, named Samer Shehadeh.

But it’s not his barbarous appearance that’s the ugliest part of him.

He’s an imam, or was, it seems, charged with supporting terrorism, and he should be convicted, if the public prosecutor, Marek Bodlák, has presented a powerful case – which it sounds like he has.

‘…Bodlák stated that Shehadeh helped his brother Omar and his spouse Fátima Hudková to travel to Syria and join the terrorist organization Al-Nusra Front. At the same time, he sent the terrorist organization financial aid…’
  • Al Nusra
  • …………

Disgustingly, Shehadeh feels no shame.

He was formerly in a leadership position in the main Czech mosque and – like so many ingrates of alien origin – rejected the customs and culture of the land he lived in.

The uppity brute even refuses to recognise his duty to live by Czech law…

…proclaiming shariah to be superior!

I am proud of what I did. I do not regret it,” added Shehadeh, claiming that he only aimed to send humanitarian aid to Syria. Therefore, in his own words, Shehadeh is happy to go to jail for that..”

Rather than jail him and waste a fortune on feeding him, providing him with medical benefits,etc, for years and years…




…surely it would make more sense just to put him down?

But the Czech Republic is shackled to the EUSSR, whose ‘values’ diktat forbids natural justice….


The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.    https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/human-rights-and-governance/democracy-a


…so why not just drop him off at Damascus International Airport – one imagines President Assad’s security services would offer a warm welcome!

The good news is that this primitive pig was expelled from his mosque position by local Muslims who recoiled from his dangerous drivel.