Erdolf Re-Opens Border? HAMMER That Treacherous Turk!

A deliberate, malevolent refusal by Erdogan to fulfil the duty that devolves on any government to control its own borders would be intolerable under any circumstances.


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    The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

  • ……
  • But after the Islamist fanatic extorted billions from the Brussels push-overs in return for his pledge to keep that frontier manned?

  • The swine’s dishonouring of the deal is an outrage.

Every citizen of every nation in Europe is fully aware of the hell unleashed by his previous refusal to stop the flood of fake-refugees in 2015.

Ask the womenfolk in Austria…


……or anywhere the tidal waves reached!.

And the news today?



Hundreds of Syrian refugees in Turkey have begun preparing to travel towards the country’s borders with Greece and Bulgaria after Ankara’s sudden decision to no longer impede their passage…

Turkish police, coastguard and border security officials were ordered to stand down overnight on Thursday, Turkish officials briefed reporters.

This new tsunami has GOT to be stopped.

Frontex is useless. The Greek and Bulgarian armies must be deployed along the land border and each Western country must order its naval vessels to seal the maritime borders in the Aegean.

The Turkish coast must be blockaded.

Economic sanctions have to be imposed.

The treacherous Turk must be taught a lesson he’ll NEVER forget!