Underwhelmed By In-Crowd ‘Fears,’ Slovaks Think For Themselves!.

Exactly how the left-liberal media measure, or at least portray, actual or possible electoral success is becoming ever more of a challenge to figure out, especially when bigot pinkos, like those who run the Bloomberg site….



…have been portraying Matteo Salvini’s increase in voter support from 19% to 32% as a ‘humiliation!’


But let’s look a little to the north-east of Italy today, to where…



 …EUObs has presented us with another baffling paragraph, on how Slovakia, a country ‘overwhelmed by fears’ of a ‘far-right’ ‘historic victory’ in this month’s election.

But how is Slovakia in any way likely to produce a ‘far-right’ ‘historic victory, if the country is ‘overwhelmed by fears’ of such an outcome!

How is any such thing likely, or even possible, in any country…


…like so much of the political-media elite in this era, the authors see themselves, their ‘we-know-best’ elite, as the only part of their country that matters!



And the fact does appear to be that only THEY are ‘overwhelmed by fears!’

The mere voters, underwhelmed by the anxieties of their ‘betters,’ and showing disturbing signs of thinking for themselves…


…are seen as an annoying impediment to keeping the country moving in the direction the elite prefer.

The election is on the 29th February.


A month before its general election on 29 February, Slovakia seems overwhelmed by fears that a wide-felt frustration over corruption – revealed as part of an investigation into the shocking murder of an investigative journalist in 2018 – could lead to a historic victory for far-right extremists.