Nasty Nancy – Trump’s Sworn Foe, Britain’s Enemy Too!

Most Brits who take an interest in their country’s well-being will never forget that Donald Trump took their side in the Brexit battle…



…in contrast to Obummer’s overtly anti-British, pro-Brussels antics.

( as of course Canadians will remember the creep’s arrogant intrusion into their internal politics )

Obummer The Meddler Seeks To Succour Turd


This week we have another reminder of the existence of   pro-Brussels collabos in the USA, in this particular report the notorious Nasty Nancy aka ‘La Plastica’ Pelosi…



…her Democrat faction invoked by a Sinn Fein scumbag in Eire’s legislature as a champion who will subvert any UK/US trade deal unless BoJo knuckles under to EUSSR arrogance on the Ulster/Eire frontier dispute.

The Democrats have long been infested with Sinn Fein sympathisers, but La Plastica’s prima-donna tantrum last month…

….when she childishly tore up her copy of the President’s State of the Union speech, was a useful warning of the fanaticism likely to emerge in the months ahead.

After all, given her rabid hostility to any moves towards securing her own country’s borders, British people should not be in the least surprised that she wants to leave a British province’s border as open as possible…

…despite the proximity of a hostile and expansionist republic.