Sauron Rules, Abetted By Strasbourg Legalice!

Sauron, which is one of the nicer nicknames I apply to the evil plutocrat who believes, with no little justification, that he can buy Western democracy..



….has been exposed by by the European Center for Law and Justice as exercising a malign influence, to put it mildly, in Strasbourg, where that European Court of Human Rights sits, exalting crimmigrants…

Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

…warring down free speech…



…arbitrarily striking down laws passed and decisions made by sovereign states –

 – and making a mockery of its well-intentioned founders.

With regard to those last half-dozen words….Please Note!

The court derives from the European Convention on Human Rights, to which a Conservative government in 1958 became a signatory. Winston Churchill keenly championed it. Yet the government is refusing to commit to continuing to support it.

.That ‘New European’  Remainiac rant invoking Churchill shows how the collabo media perhaps do not realise that the year 1958 reveals how that court has been hi-jacked and its purposes perverted by rogue judges.

In most countries that ratified the deal, governments had both capital and corporal punishment in use – Churchill and all other leaders would have been hypocrites to seal a deal which outlawed both!

Of course it did not!

The Legalice stopped reading what laws said –  they just read their own prejudices into the laws.


The ECLJ has issued a powerful report on the conflicts of interest between the biased left judges and NGOs funded by George Soros.

Best to read the entire report  for yourselves, but there’s an excellent articles in RT – how many other media gave the damning report any coverage at all? – from which I have a few extracts below to whet your appetite.

….out of the 100 judges who have served on the bench of the European Court of Human Rights in the period 2009-2019, nearly a quarter (22) have strong links to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation or to NGOs like Amnesty International and others which are funded by it. Human Rights Watch, for instance, has received $100 million from the Open Society Foundation since 2010….


….links between the judges and the NGOs are substantial. They include working for years as members of the board of directors or executive council of these NGOs; having teaching posts at institutes funded by them; being a salaried director of programs for the Open Society Foundation or associated NGOs; and undertaking other forms of paid work for them. The full list of these links can be found on pages seven and eight of the report.


The Sauron created by Tolkien had orcs, balrogs and all manner of evil beings to serve his cause.

With Soros, it’s Strasbourg Legalice!