Bravo, Greek Coast-Guards! Damn Your Bias, RT!

As I have often said, RT gives us more honest, informative and impartial news than most big media ( except when Russia is the topic!) …

May BANS Media From Media Freedom Conference – Seriously! 

=Gambar terkait

Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition! 

….but that routine praise cannot be applied to their report on the excellent Greek coastguards defending their country against alien incursions.

Disturbing video has emerged?




Nothing in the least ‘disturbing’ – in the eyes of patriotic citizens in every Western land – about the ‘coastguards beating a dinghy full of migrants and opening fire into the water…’

Greek coastguards ATTACK migrant dinghy and shoot into water amid border mayhem (VIDEO)

One might ask, why just into the water, but otherwise the guards can hardly be faulted for ‘pushing the migrant dinghy away with what looks like a metal rod.’


It’s RT who ought to clean up their act.

Any step taken to prevent parasitic crimmigrants from gate-crashing one’s country is justifiable.

Most Greeks would applaud much more drastic action, as would I.

For the RT hack to say the video is ‘disturbing’ is to flaunt the hack’s pro-illegal bias…

…a bias even more obvious when the final paragraph escalates the author’s pejorative level, from ‘disturbing’ to ‘shocking.’

Mark my words, this will be by no means the last, or the worst , example, of the lousy Lugenpresse…


…swinging into action, as the Second Invasion gets under way, on the side of the invaders, just as happened during the First Invasion, in 2015.