Limited Access To Air Asia’s ‘Unlimited Travel’ Offer?

It’s quite difficult to travel to and fro if one feels the need to boycott certain airlines, but as I’ve said before…

Boycotts Of Bad Businesses Ain’t Always Easy – Just Do Your Best! 

…boycotts were never meant to be exercises in masochism.


Tony Fernandes.jpg

In March 2012, Tony Fernandes served on the International Advisory Board of Global March to Jerusalem, which aims to “mobilize the international community in solidarity with Palestinians and to protect Jerusalem

But after what I wrote about that Air Asia potentate a couple of years ago…

AirAsia’s Malaysian Joins Europhile “In”-Crowd – Go Fly Yourself, Tony! 


…..I was interested to read of his current difficulties in an article in

But even more interesting was this!

AirAsia X is offering unlimited international flights for a year for just 499 ringgit ($A181) as the coronavirus hits passenger numbers.

A grand opportunity, for sure!

However, don’t go rushing off to your nearest Air Asia outlet in the city where I live, Jakarta, or in Sydney or Melbourne or anywhere in Australia or Indonesia at all…


…because this UNLIMITED travel offer is HIGHLY limited in terms of accessibility.


The bad news is the deal is not available to Australians, only to Malaysia-based members of the airlines’ BIG loyalty scheme.