Sensible Indians Have Problems With Courts Too.

Whilst the justice system in India may have its flaws, at least the Indians are better off than Brits, who, regardless of the Brexit outcome, are still saddled with the ECHR…


…the European Court of Human Rights (whatever fashion dictates such rights may be!) thus, in effect, having serious criminal and constitutional issues determined by an alien elite.

But that doesn’t mean that in India justice always gets done.



Most readers will remember the foul crime committed against a young lady on a bus a couple of years ago, and how the vile scum who perpetrated the gang rape were apprehended and quite rightly sentenced to death.

Yet still the vermin have not be put to death,

Mockery of the law!’ Indian gang rape & murder convicts get yet ANOTHER execution delay, triggering rage on social media

It seems some specious nonsense about the age of one of the gang is one reason for the delay.

When are legislators, lawyers and judges going to wake ip to the biological reality, that a child is not definable as somebody under 16, or 15 or whatever age.

A child is a prepubescent being.



If a scumbag is old enough to rape, he’s old enough to hang.

C’mon, India – string the b-stards up!