Didya See Da Slugs Kow-Tow To T.A.B?

Not a lot to be said, about that ludicrous spectacle in the European ‘Parliament’ a few days ago, the adulation of The Addled Brat by the Strasbourg Slugs.


Greta Thunberg speaks a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels on 4 March, 2020Image copyright<span class
Ghastly Greta The Addled Brat, with Strasbourg Slugs

Most MEPs are contemptible creeps, but surely they plumbed fresh depths of self-abasement when they allowed that mentally afflicted – and, more importantly, un-elected  – Swedette to turn their chamber into a pulpit for her uneducated fulminations.

Precious little thanks The Brat showed, too, denouncing their climate conclusions as a ‘surrender.’

At least she didn’t dribble on their $1000 suits!