Invasion 2020 – DW ( Of Course! )Takes Invaders’ Side!

A certain Mr. Soylu, for the Turkish Government, confirmed on DW this morning that a thousand paid members of Erdolf’s goon squad ( ‘special forces!’) have been sent to facilitate the invasion of Turkey’s NATO ‘ally,’ Greece, by mobs of illegal aliens.



Even the DW newsman admitted the mobs were NOT all ‘refugees’ – he used the words ‘refugees and migrants’ to describe the horde, thus inadvertently justifying the Greeks’ resistance to unvetted incursion of those who are not, by ANYONE’S definition, ‘refugees.’



And no sooner was the news over than we had a typical DW propaganda video, heralded by a sonorous voice that talked of

Desperate People…Families Overcome by Fear and Distress…Lost All Hope..’

Why do these disgusting hacks even use the name Deutsche Welle?

If there were any genuinely German identity in their approach, they would understand that phrases like

Desperate People…Families Overcome by Fear and Distress…Lost All Hope..’

…more accurately represent the anguish in the hearts of the German people whose taxes pay their fat salaries!

Such anguish is entirely justified….

“We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 

….most especially among German womenfolk, appalled that the nightmare inflicted on them during and since 2015…


….is about to be repeated, intensified, by the admission of thousands more unwanted fake-‘refugees,’ who are targetting their country, turning up their arrogant ingrate noses at perfectly good offers of accommodation in Greece….

Ingrate Aliens Spurn Greek Monks’ Housing Offer ‘Too Isolated!’ 

…a country which they view as merely a stepping stone to the welfare troughs of northern Europe…

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