Biden Will Put Homeless Women At Risk Of Rape!

If Joe Biden makes it into the White House – God forbid! – then God help America’s homeless women.

Here’s a clip from a usually authoritative newspaper.

Biden also pledged to ensure federally funded homeless shelters provide housing to individuals according to their gender identity.

The old wretch is of course merely following in the footsteps of the racist charlatan he served (much in the manner of Sancho Panza’s service with Don Quixote)  though at least he’s being more upfront than that lying swine…

…who mendaciously misled the American  people on the issue of his support for perv-weddings.

Once Obummer was safely elected, he very promptly dropped the mask.

Now Biden is telling us ( to his credit, before the election) that if some sleazy man wants to bunk in a homeless women’s hostel, all the creep needs to do is declare himself a ‘woman…’



…and he will be allowed to sleep among defenceless real women, where of course he will be at liberty to take sexual liberties as he pleases.

I have no idea if homeless women in the USA have an organised pressure-group to speak for them ( almost everyone else has, these days!) but if so, let them makes their voices heard against this dirty, dangerous proposal!