Dodgy Guardian Grottista Hates ADF -So DONATE!

The laws would have banned trans people from using the public toilet of their choice, arguing that woman would be in danger from other trans women. There is no evidence to support the claim…

That’s one telling extract from a rant written by a far-left Guardian Grottista named Jessica Glenza, whose animosities seem to have been aroused by freedom-fighters resisting the LGBT gaystapo agenda.

As you are all we aware, the gaystapo onslaught on freedoms and on public decency is becoming more intensified almost daily.

But Guardian Grottista Glenza (let’s say GGG for short!) seems to view the war waged by the gaystapo through a very distorted lens.

Coming under the headline..

The multimillion-dollar Christian group attacking LGBTQ+ rights

…Glenza’s ignorance of basic facts made me very sympathetic to the Alliance for the Defence of Freedom.

True stories of creepy consequences of the policy of admitting male perverts and predators into ladies’ rooms –

AFA has outlined just 10 examples that show why Target should immediately rescind its dangerous policy and keep men out of women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.

-have been reported, so Glenza’s bizarre dismissal of facts…

persuaded me to locate thr ADF’s contact details and urge you to donate.

One must charitably assume the wench is unaware of the numerous occasions in recent years when perverts, or just simple predators have gained entry to women’s restrooms and proceeded to behave shamelessly.

So here you are…

Donate to ADF Now!

Help this splendid campaigning organisation,