Invasion 2020 – DW’s Soros-Funded ‘Expert’ Forbids Fightback!

DW news, 4pm Jakarta time, Saturday 7th March.

We had ‘the architect of the original deal’ with Erdolf, a self-righteous Austrian berk named Gerhard Knaus, described as a ‘migration expert…’

Gerald Knaus: Der Vordenker des EU-Türkei-Deals gründete 1999 die Denkfabrik Europäische Stabilitätsinitiative (ESI). (Quelle: dpa/Francesco Scarpa/European Stability Initiative)Gerald Knaus

….but given that his first ‘deal’ has more or less imploded, why would anyone turn to him to work up another?


Because DW certainly knows of Knaus’ Sorosoid background…



…and that would surely be good enough for the leftist German propaganda channel.

In 1999, Knaus co-founded the European Stability Initiative, a liberalist think tank…He received funding from organizations linked to American billionaire George Soros…Knaus has been an outspoken supporter of the migration policies of….

Guess who?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel…

Sorosoid, Merkelite…of course DW would invite him on!

But that obvious question, why make another deal with the sectarian autocrat who has just brazenly ratted on the first deal…

…was not asked by anyone on DW!

Yet anyone else would have asked it loudly, once Knaus unloaded his pinko thinking on how Greece dare not fight back.

Knaus issued lurid warnings to anybody who favours fightback – it would be ‘illegal’ if the Greeks used their naval forces to forcibly resist invasion. Crimmigrants might get hurt, or drowned, whilst trying to gate-crash Greece!

Well, boohoohoo!

The Greek armed forces must have some snipers.

Take out some of those stone-throwing scumbags and the rabble by the Evros will disappear like snow off a dry stone wall in Springtime!

Invaders can’t complain if they suffer casualties!

Glad Knaus wasn’t advising Churchill in 1940; it would have been SSGB for sure – but then the UK was not handicapped by UNHCR sticky-beaks, like the creeps scolding Greece this week.



When the Greek PM declared that his country would not accept asylum applications for a month…the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that’s a problem. 

“Neither the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees nor E.U. refugee law provides any legal basis for the suspension of the reception of asylum applications,” the U.N.’s refugee agency said in a statement on Monday.

The agency added in the statement, “All states have a right to control their borders and manage irregular movements…

How gracious of the UN swine to acknowledge that!

….but at the same time should refrain from the use of excessive or disproportionate force and maintain systems for handling asylum requests in an orderly manner.”

How dare they!

When your country faces invasion by malevolent violent savages, there’s no room for fools who want to debate what’s ‘disproportionate!’

Nor for any more damfool deals with The Devil!


  • Rudi Reinhsrdt 21:37 on March 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    You do a good job to reveal this Soros funding for Merkel supporter.
    It is very clear that to trust Erdogan after this, we would be crazy. We must much better fight back, give guns and gunboats to Greece and force the illegal aliens to go back.
    This Knaus from Austria, would he give money to robbers who invade his house or would defend his home?


  • Mel Henderson 07:11 on March 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    Soros, Soros everywhere, a global threat just like coronavirus!



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