Leftist ‘Hope-not-Hate’ Boss Hate-Smears Brexit Party

Far-left fanatic Nick Lowles has been given far too much page-space by the Yorkshire Evening Post, a tedious rant about ‘language formerly used by the far-right seeping into every-day discourse.

Much of his bile is aimed at a young lady named Laura Towler, but at least the report gives her a chance to counter Lowles’ leftery.

Laura Towler

Lovely Laura makes some excellent points about the ‘draconian censorship’ by anti-social media, esp. You Tubr, and who can disagree with her assertion that ‘

“If you make pro-British or pro-European videos, it’s likely that your channel will end up being suspended or your videos will be demonetised or put into a limited state…

Check her out – I don’t know enough about her to say I agree with all she says, but she is a very impressive media performer –


But Comrade Lowles is not content to smear a relatively obscure North of England patriot gal.

He’s what my late Uncle Alec would have called a ‘nasty bit of work…’



…as you may read on this link.

Seems he’s a Europhiliac to boot!

Get this drivel, about “community tensions in Yorkshire” and how “those on the far right tapped into those tensions, pointing to the Brexit Party receiving 30.4 per cent of the vote in Barnsley Central and 29.2 per cent in Barnsley East in the December General Election compared to two per cent nationwide.”