Brussels Steak Diktat Looms – Betcha Brats Whine!

Remember Borell, the Spanish far-left successor to Red Fed in the Brussels Empire set-up?

Red Fed’s Successor – Has Spain Spawned A Male Merkel? 

Borell – an unwholesome creature – Strasbourg Slugs Vet The Commissars – Selectively! 


Didya see that Borell was in the news last month, actually saying something moderately sane and sensible?

And then….

Didya see that he was told off by the new masters of the universe, and APOLOGISED, after the Green Strasbourg Slugs scolded him, for saying naughty things “unacceptable for a representative of the EU?!?“.

Josep Borrell on Saturday apologised for comments questioning the sincerity of young climate protesters and joking that they have “Greta syndrome”.

Borrell triggered the row by saying he believed school students had been galvanised by teen Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg without fully realising the costs they would have to bear to ensure a carbon-neutral future.

Those pathetic spilt brats and Borell deserve each other!

Didya see that other story a week or two ago?

That if the Brat Loons have their wicked way with our way of life…


Image result for steak


…then the price of steak will rocket, some say by 25% ?

What then will be on the menu when the Boy-Brats try to impress their Girl-Brats by going out for a romantic dinner?

Image result for muesli

Lettuce and muesli sandwiches?

But it’s not the Brat Loons who worked out the figures used to justify putting normal folk on an unwanted diet.

They’ve missed so many classes with their tantrum walk-outs that even simple sums must soon be a challenge.

Nah, that outrageous assault on our diet comes from The Tapp Coalition.

“Including the environmental cost of animal protein in the price is a crucial element of meeting EU targets for climate, biodiversity, public health, and animal welfare,” said Prof Pier Vellinga at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and chair of the Tapp Coalition.

The Tapp Coalition?

True Animal Protein Price Coalition

AKA – ‘The True Animal Protein Price Coalition’

And who are they, really?

Partners of the TAPP Coalition are organisations and companies in the sectors food, agriculture, health, environment and animal welfare. Examples of partners are Friends of the Earth, Proveg Netherlands, Youth for Climate, Fridays for Future, Compassion in World Farming Netherlands, Animal Coalition, Transition Coalition Food, Caring Farmers, Eosta, Dutch Cuisine, and Climate Neutral Group…

And NB – Triodos Foundation is one of institutional donors.

Same pack of whining brats, young AND old!

But who are Triodos…and who else funds this gang?

I am taking my break from hard blogging, so now…perhaps some of you want to follow up?