Cambridge Cops To Arrest X-Stinko Vandals?

As far as I know, that wet wally who runs Cambridgeshire Constabulary has neither resigned nor been dismissed, so one can only imagine how citizens there feel when they pass a cop on the street.

Why X-Stinkos Aren’t Arrested – Cambridge Cops Offer Excuses! 

Craven Cambs Cops Refuse To Defend Democracy! 

…although we know what honest Cambridge folks think about the Stinkos!



    As for the proprietor of that restaurant on Mill Road, I wonder what he thinks, after ‘Extinction Rebellion Cambridge’ aka Stinko Scum,  ‘apologised’ for vandalising his eatery.

    The Stinkos ‘covered the windows of the Vanderlyle restaurant on Mill Road in posters, leaving damage and marks on the outside of the building.’

    No matter what sin they felt had tainted the place, they had no right to do what they did, and, while I’m not expert on every aspect of English law, the phrase ‘criminal damage’ springs to mind.

    Clearly the identity of the sleazy vandals must be known to the Stinko spokes-swine who offered the ‘apology.’

    If Cambs police were doing their job, they’d be calling on the Stinkos and requiring the names of the vandals. If the Stinkos fail to oblige, they should be charged with complicity in the crime.

    But given their pusillanimous police chief’s record of weak-kneed weaselling…?

    I won’t be holding my breath!