Invasion 2020 – Good Media Can’t Confuse Illegals With Refugees

Frankly, I expect better from PJ Media…

…which is often a gold-mine of news and information.

However, this headlines of theirs –

Greek Troops Open Fire on Refugees While Vigilantes Attack Aid Workers and the Media

– is outrageous, based on reporting by a far-left news-site ( Daily Beast) which itself is based on what a reporter heard ( gun-shots in the night) rather than any actual sighting of any Greek border guard firing a gun.

Truth to tell, I can’t see anything at all wrong with any Greeks taking up arms and using them to defend their country.



The PJ writer, laudably, pays attention to an aspect I have noticed myself, the way farmers’ fields are being trampled by the alien rabble.

Most farmers, like my rural kin in Canada will have a rifle or two around the house…



…and, knowing what so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ are capable of…

“We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 

 Dirty Thieving Scum – ‘Refugees’ Torment Greek Farmers!

Another Alien Ingrate Riot! Did You Even Hear About It? 

Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 

…will be desperate to protect their homes, their wives and their daughters.

Again, good on ‘em.

But the point is, how can grubby leftist media hacks like the Daily Beast’s possibly distinguish the noise of gunfire from a farmer’s weapon from the noise of soldiers shooting in defence of Greece?

Experts likely can – do lefty journo jerks count as experts?

More important, though, in terms of the propaganda war which is well under way in the ‘mainstream media,’ is the way hacks and hackettes hand the microphones to random aliens and never challenge the claims made by any illegals.

And more important still – and what MUST be avoided at all costs, are words used in reporting.

Greek Troops Open Fire on Refugees While Vigilantes Attack Aid Workers and the Media


Sez Who?

None of that rabble by the Evro has yet been proven to be a ‘refugee!’


Or has Erdolf issued them with ‘certification?’