How Many Antifa Red Nazis Are Pedophile Scum?

An awful but not entirely astonishing report this month in one of the few honest Canadian media, about the disturbing incidence of pedophilia among prominent figures in the Red Nazi Antifa gangs.

I say not astonishing, because the original Nazis too had a lot of perverts in their ranks…



…and the violence reported on the part of some of the sleazoids named is also reminiscent of the behaviour of the storm-troops on whom today’s Antifa thugs model themselves.



I will not go into all the details described in the report, except to say the young people who exposed the sicko situation deserve three cheers…

…and that the infestation is not confined to one country but includes revelations from Eire and the USA.

Since I have far more readers in the latter than the former, here’s an extract concerning a vile American Antifa –

In Portland, the epicentre of antifa activism, a leading activist has faced multiple arrests for the sexual abuse of minors.


Micah Isaiah Rhodes of Portland’s Resistance was arrested in 2014 and in 2015 for sexually abusing a minor girl and minor boy.
During his trials, the county Sheriff revealed that Rhodes had an inappropriate history with minors dating to his youth.
At 14, Rhodes was caught sexually abusing a 9 year old boy, and at 15, Rhodes was caught with three much younger boys.

Nauseating, right?

And the beast should have been put down, just as a sick animal would be.

Except that the in-crowd in Portland, Oregon, is in total sympathy with Red Nazi Antifa.

Despite his history, Rhodes was spared all prison time as the judge claimed Rhodes was “trying to change.”


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