Who Killed Phil Haney?

Much of the big media has suppressed, or at least given scant attention to, the latest revelations about the death by gun-shot of Phil Haney…



…even though two congressmen have asserted that it was no suicide but homicide.

Murder most foul?

A man who shamed the Democrat/Deep State over a cover-up?



Were The Squad, or other left legislators attached to Pelosi’s pack, who were making charges of murder, it would be the biggest story on front pages on tv, on BBC, DW, France24, never mind on America’s own Lugenpresse.

I put the word ‘murder’ along with Phil Haney’s name into Google news search and almost all the results were from patriot/conservative sites.

To be fair, France24’s American ‘partner,’ the Daily Beast, did publish a disapproving article, while  the extreme left Daily Kos gave us ‘news’ coverage under a very fair and balanced headline.

GOP Reps. Gohmert and King spew right-wing ‘deep state’ conspiracy theories on floor of US House



However, truth may yet be told.

Police initially said that Haney died from a “a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound,” but later called the statement “misinformation.” 

“Unfortunately, there was misinformation immediately put out that we have determined Mr. Haney’s death to be a suicide.

This is not the case.

We are currently in the beginning phase of our investigation and any final determination as to the cause and manner of Mr. Haney’s death would be extremely premature and inappropriate,” the Amador County Sheriff’s Office said in an updated statement.