Invasion 2020 – Bravo, Bulgaria! True Solidarity!

An act of a genuinely good neighbour!

Bulgaria Floods Evros River to Prevent Migrants Storming Greek Borders


Of course the Bulgarians are showing not just welcome solidarity but enlightened self-interest.

Arson! Ingrate Afghan Savages Amok, Stoning Cops 

It was 2016 when we posted that news from Bulgaria..

Protesters threw stones and other objects at law enforcement, who had to deploy water cannon to disperse the angry crowd.


  • Hasil gambar untuk bulgaria afghans riot police
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  • The excuse those swine put forward at the time was confinement after fears of infectious disease were raised – ominous, given today’s world news!
  • by local newspapers. Seems the fears were in this case unproven, but that’s hardly the point!
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The migrants burnt car tires, and set mattresses and furniture alight in several of the camp’s buildings. Many structures, including a canteen and a new building which was supposed to open this week were damaged.



Bulgaria too has borders best by illegal invaders.

And they have made the mistake in the recent past of accommodating filthy alien ingrates like those in the photo above.