Scary Stuff! Nosferatu Look-Alike Laments Invisibility!

Hallowe’en is a long way off, but I still shivered a little when I opened BBC news today, only to see this freaky visage staring back at me!

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Christie Elan-Cane


I thought perhaps some new Hollywood block-buster remake of the famous early 20th century NOSFERATU horror films had been released and this must be the new star…




…a perfect choice in terms of homage to the original!

But no!

It’s a Thing ( which all students of grammar will understand means neither male nor female) whining that it’s ‘lost a legal challenge against the government over gender-neutral passports.’



You may read the entire report here but it does not cover what to me must be the key question…

…did any of this Thing’s absurd court costs get charged to the UK tax-payers via the Legal Aid system?

I certainly hope not.

Its name, allegedly, is Christie Elan-Cane, and its damfool case was that ‘a policy preventing someone from obtaining a passport with an unspecified gender was unlawful on human rights grounds.’

Sick and tired of hearing ‘rights’ rot?

Well, happily, so too, it seems, were the judges on the Court of Appeal, who against the ‘activist.’


Can The Thing not get a real job?

Hmmm…silly question – would you hire it?

Which brings me to its reaction to the ruling, which it describes as ‘devastating.’


On my recent trip, I made sandwiches for my long wait in the airport. I forgot to take them and when I got home two weeks later, they were of course, inedible.

My new washing machine was delivered yesterday, and I wanted to use it at once. Thwarted by my personal technology deficit, I am awaiting the arrival of a friend to help.

Both ‘hardships’ deserve the adjective ‘devastating’ more than that court ruling does.

When one considers the millions of people whose homes have been wrecked by floods, here in Jakarta..



…and Britain, and elsewhere, in recent years, it’s a pretentious obscenity for that freak to describe its silly little set-back as ‘devastating!’

However, we read on, and have to laugh out loud when Nosferatu…sorry, Mr/Ms/Thing Elan-Cane… rants at the court and the British Home Office for obliging it and others who look inside their underpants…



….and refuse to believe the evidence of their own eyes,  to ‘collude in their own social invisibility!’

Would that such maladjusts be rendered not just socially but entirely invisible!

PS – it’s also anti-Brexit!