Invasion 2020 – Turk Aggression Demands Retaliation


Erdolf’s goon-squad have opened fire at the Greek border!



Katherimini reports how officers of Turkey’s special forces fired over a Greek military vehicle that had been stationed on the Greek side of the border..

Nor was that the only incident in which Erdolf’s soldiery has behaved in a scandalously aggressive manner.


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The same report adds that ‘earlier this week, a Greek border guard on night patrol came under fire from the Turkish side of the border..’


…and on the Aegean too, there has been an attack, an enemy gun-boat ramming a Greek coast-guard vessel.

Check this out!

As far as I’m aware, even the lousy pro-crimmigrant media in the West, grubbing about for any real or imagined transgressions by the Greeks…

…has been unable to dredge up any similar acts of war by our Greek allies…

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The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.….

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…whereas the Turkish provocations are entirely reflective of Erdogan’s dangerous mind-set.

Time to retaliate.

As suggested earlier this week, and previously…

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….a neat start would be to arm the Kurds!