Serbs Support Greece! German Low-Lifes Root For Aliens

Compare and contrast!


Serbia migrant rally
Above, we have a healthy and normal crowd, patriots in Belgrade. 

Thousands of Serbians took to the streets of Belgrade on Sunday, to show their support for Greece and protest the illegal migrant crisis occurring at the Greek border in Evros and on the islands.

These excellent people also held up posters with slogans against Erdogan, sending everyone in Serbia, Europe and the world a message-that they stand with Greece…

NOW! Look at this stunning contrast, below…

In Berlin, we see the low-life left, openly encouraging illegal alien incursions…



….by demanding that the Greeks ( and everybody else!) cease trying to defend their country’s borders!

What is it with Northern Europe?

From Hungary down through Croatia, through Serbia, and Bulgaria, to Greece, it’s not just enlightened self-interest but a deep, history-based…


Let the Turks now carry away their abuses, in the only possible manner, namely, by carrying off themselves. Their Zaptiehs and their Mudirs, their Blmhashis and Yuzbashis, their Kaimakams and their Pashas, one and all, bag and baggage, shall, I hope, clear out from the province that they have desolated and profaned.-

Hasil gambar untuk bulgarian horrors 1876


This thorough riddance, this most blessed deliverance, is the only reparation we can make to those heaps and heaps of dead, the violated purity alike of matron and of maiden and of child; to the civilization which has been affronted and shamed..

….almost instinctive awareness of the threat to the true Europe (not to the sick liberal ‘values’ of the ‘European Project’ of the Brussels Commissars) which the fire-bombing, stone-throwing savages in Thrace, aided and abetted by Turkey, represent.

Yet in Germany, and I’ll bet in Scandinavia and elsewhere, in other countries that for pity’s sakes should know better, having since 2015 had a taste of barbarian colonisation…



…the streets are befouled by clowns tainted with the stench of civilisational treason?


PS – I exclude from my strictures the Poles, who, like their neighbours in Eastern Germany, are obviously in Northern Europe but tend to be realistic, probably due to the fact that they were ruled by foreign tyrants for decades and appreciate what they have.