Even Greens Can See The Iniquity Of Head-Shrouding!

May you live in interesting times!

Said to be a Chinese curse, those words came to mind yesterday when I read about how a ‘tribunal’ in the German city of Hamburg…

….had struck down a ban on school-girls wearing the sexist sectarian head-shrouds variously called burqas or niqabs ( there’s a slight difference but they both make the wearers look like scary spectres) on the imbecilic grounds of ‘religious freedom…



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…which is hogwash, as Muslim women are NOT obliged by their creed to hide behind primitive masks, nor even to don head-scarves!

(Pity some sicko Swedes haven’t figured that out! https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/15509/sweden-hijab)

The fact that un-elected quasi-judicial jerks are empowered to stick their noses into matters on which they are as ignorant as they are irresponsible comes as little surprise.


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We read about wilful and or malevolent judge-jerks all the time.

What did amaze me, and, I need to say it, pleased me, was the rest of the report in The Leftal, sorry The Local, an often very biased part of the media…

…namely, that both the leftist parties on Hamburg’s state council are proposing to outflank the tribunal twats and pass a local law to reinstate the rule!

The Socialists are usually bad news…

Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigratio

…but their state education minister, Ties Rabe, (SPD), said –

At school, it is appropriate for teachers and students to have an open and free face, that is the only way school and teaching can function. That’s why we will now swiftly amend the school law, so that this is also guaranteed in the future.”

The other party in the ruling local coalition, the Greens, have a girl named Katharina Fegebank on their front-bench, and since she’s got a not unattractive smile  (thus differing from Australia’s grotty Green hag Hanson-Young!) I will show you what she looks like along with her words-


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..the burqa and niqab were “symbols of oppression” for her. For a successful school education, she said, “good communication at eye level” was needed.


Not the sort of nonsense Greens usually talk! 

She obviously mixes with normal people from time to time!


Of course it’s a case of ‘better late than never!’

Local opposition legislators, even Mama Stasi Merkel’s Christian Democrats, and the ‘liberal’ Free Democrats and of course the AfD patriot party, have all urged the coalition to prohibit school head-shrouds. They are not overly impressed by such a belated conversion to commonsense.

However, I’m more sanguine.

The same report describes how, in nearby Schleswig Holstein state, moves to ban such sectarian and misogynist maskng were frustrated by the Greens. Now it seems a re-think is taking place!

And equally welcome is a statement from the German Teachers’ Association.

 “I advocate a nationwide ban on the niqab in all educational institutions,” said association president Heinz-Peter Meidinger. “This does not fit with the open-mindedness we want to cultivate in the classroom.” https://www.thelocal.de/20200204/what-you-need-to-know-about-calls-to-ban-full-face-veils-in-german-classrooms

If sense is breaking out even among Greens and teachers, there must be hope for Germany yet!