‘Conservative?’ MacKay, Canada’s Stinking Albatross Man?



MacKay says he believes he represents the values of conservatives in Alberta and Saskatchewan and is offering a more moderate, centrist message than Scheer.

Denigrating decent people who hold traditional Canadian values may endear him to queers in every political party, but hardly to conservatives!

Does he even talk to actual conservatives in those provinces, or in any province?

If so, how many of them does he think would echo his decadent dogma?

” I am for equal marriage…” 


By that, he presumably means going through wedding formalities with whomsoever one wishes, then equating the resulting relationship with actual marriage.

But if that’s the case, then he’s not for ‘equal marriage’ at all!

Unless of course he’s quietly a fan of incest!

If the Tory Party elects him as leader, then I foresee Max Bernier’s PPC getting all the new recruits it need to bounce back from its recent disappointing electoral result.