Marine V Macron – Can Sly Muppet Be “Europe’s Best Hope!”

With French local elections to take place over this weekend and next, and with, I hope, all my readers sharing my belief that Marine Le Pen…



…and her patriot party can and should emerge much strengthened, I am looking today at the man she has to humble.

Rarely ( well, that’s not true, the Guardian is always a crock of BS!) have I read such a bilious, insult-laden diatribe as that from an obscure pinko creep last month..

…but mind you, the headline was a clear enough warning of a hogwash tsunami –

“…Macron Is Europe’s Best Hope!”

“Macron’s fierce attachment to post-Enlightenment humanist values, democratic principles, and progressive agendas, which are everywhere under attack…”.

And bravo the attackers, when the ex-Rothschild Bank flunkey puts his attachment to his crappy ‘values’ above his attachment to ‘democratic principles…’


President backs democratic experiment handing power to 150 people chosen at random… 


Muppet imagines 150 random selectees = ‘democracy?’



…as he did when promulgating his famous fake ‘consultations,’ that portable circus that purported to let the people direct the nation…

….but ONLY if they didn’t transgress his vile ‘values!’

Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

Yet what made me laugh was the Pinko’s inadvertent admission rhat the pro-crimmigrant French president is as unscrupulous…

His recent visit to Poland, we read, “was about persuading Polish people that Macron’s contentious ideas about developing autonomous European defence and security capabilities, resetting relations with Russia, and building a more integrated Europe will not undermine Nato and threaten the US alliance….


Poles know that, just as in 1939, they have enemies on both their eastern and western fronts!

…which, in fact, they almost certainly will.”

So there you have it.

Guardian Pinko knows Macron’s lying, as surely the Poles know it, too –  but they, unlike Guardian Pinko, are not hailing the Bankster in the Elysee as “Europe’s Best Hope!”