Non-Self Isolation Boosts Blog Output! Please Read!

Since I got back from my overseas trip, my Draft Posts column has been near over-spill level.

I have enough saved up to take me well into April, or May…

..and that’s not counting all those ‘Scheduled,’ which run up to the end of March. I don’t like using them all at once because readers don’t have all the time in the world ( unless they’re also ‘isolated!’ ) and good blog-barrages will therefore be left unread!

My isolation is not self-imposed.

Far from it!


I had made plans to attend two fun events, but both cancelled, one from sheer funk, the other, more rationally, because so few people pledged to attend.

But I dislike being immured.

Yes, I like reading in my front yard, and have already devoured three books in a week…


My fave visitor comes round twice a week…


…and I say hi to my neighbours, but being indoors soon has me stir crazy.

Going out to the mall is one solution, but the last mall I visited was damned near empty, so the most appealing aspect of mall-outings –



– was distressingly absent.

I hear it’s the same all over Jakarta.

So back to the lap-top!


Alas, since my cat passed away last year ( aged 20!) even my lap-top seems lonely!

Invasion 2020 is a theme that will run and run…

Invasion 2020- Not An Invasion, Say ‘NGO’ Liars! 

…until Europe ( NOT the EUSSR) mobilises for a fightback.

Thus please read as much as you can, because my blog posts will be prolific, driven by an inner flame of righteous wrath…


…and I want my stats to reflect my stakhanovite endeavours!