Bravo ICE! Pro-Active Plan Provokes Pro-Crimmigrant ACLU Tantrum

What Priti Patel needs to do regarding the horde of illegals infesting UK cities, surely, is what she is said to have done to uppity flunkeys in her department of state.

That po-faced plonker Philip Rutnams, who quit last week, is alleging that Priti’s put-downs of ‘civil servants’ in the Home Office made them feel uncomfortable.


Being reminded of their place in the democratic scheme of things – they are paid by UK tax-payers to do what they’re told – was seen as ‘bullying!’



Let’s hope all such bureaucrats follow Top Prat’s example and resign from their secure-salaried, rich-pensioned positions.

Priti Putting Pen-Pusher Prats In Their Place? Great! 

And let’s hope also that Priti-style ‘get tough’ policies are implemented against Britain’s crimmigrant population too.

The Home Secretary could take a leaf out of the Trump play-book, where ICE is being accused by the rabidly leftwing ACLU of ‘militarising our streets!’



By that, the pinko agitprop outfit means the imminent sweeps against lawless aliens in the sleazy ‘sanctuary cities,’ where Un-American – I’d say Anti-American – Democrat cliques hold power and use it to aid and abet undesirables who should not be in the USA at all!



These collabo slugs deliberately obstruct justice by failing to notify ICE when illegals are turned loose by local law enforcement after being dealt with for other criminal activity.

Appallingly, the rotten media, in this case the New York Times, has published a lengthy revelation, ‘exposing’ the crack-down plan.

I won’t give the NYT the courtesy of a link, but you can find their junk via The Hill, from which I do offer you an extract…

Speaking to The Hill, acting ICE Director Matthew Albence previously confirmed in a statement that increased surveillance, ICE agents and arrests will occur in “jurisdictions where we are not allowed to assume custody” of immigrants from jail, and that ICE immigration officers were “forced to make at-large arrests” of immigrants who had been “released into communities

…and offer ICE my heartiest good wishes!