German Tax-Funded TV Collabs With Crimmigrants!

Sunday morning coming down!

I switched on Deutsche Welle world news at 9am Jakarta time, and whom should we see but Pakistani illegals on the run in Greece!

Much like the BBC’s collabo hacks…

Invasion 2020 – BBC Collabs With Crimmigrants! Again! 

…the DW reporter showed no sign he intended to notify Greek authorities of these crimmigrants, who were marching along a railway track.

As I wondered when writing about the UK media rats, would he be just as indifferent to criminality…

…if he came upon muggers or rapists committing their crimes.



Instead he just chatted, ascertaining that they intended no matter what to reach their destination…



One might have thought a German channel’s journalist would ask questions of interest to Germans, like –

‘Don’t you know that Germany is a sovereign nation and it’s up to Germans who gets to live there?’

‘Who the Hell do you think you are, stomping around in Greece as if you own the place?’

’ Have you NO respect for the people whose countries you invade?’


But no, Herr Hack just let the alien crimmigrant moan about how tough life can be, if you violate immigration laws!