‘IRA No Longer Exists?’ Or ‘In Vino Veritas!?’

I was feeding my new cats today-

…they adopted me a few days ago…

– when Stephen Sackur appeared on my tv screen, with the day’s Hard Talk guest, a bespectacled Sinn Fein creep named Eoin O’Broin, who currently holds a seat in Eire’s legislature.


File photo. Eoin Ó Broin.

Eoin Ó Broin.

The spokesman for the IRA murder-gang’s ‘political wing’ was there ostensibly to discuss the corona crisis in his foreign country, but soon enough, prompted by his interviewer, the character of what in Ulster is undeniably a treason party became the subject.

A prominent Ulster disloyal, a Shinner named John O’Dowd…



…was quoted as claiming that the UK government was ‘using Northern Ireland as some sort of twisted medical experiment.’

This lunatic accusation – and that’s not just my view of the ratbag’s rant –


was apparently a response to Boris Johnson’s handling of the corona crisis.

Whatever one thinks about that, to suggest a Frankensteinian conspiracy is sheer dim-wittery..

…but O’Brion readily agreed with the ranter, ranting himself about ‘reckless behaviour…’

So Sackur then turned to the ‘political situation in your country…’ to which the Shinner began his observations with –

.’…the people of Ireland voted for political change in February..’


A slip of the tongue, or very belated recognition that ‘Ireland’ does not include Ulster?


After all, it was the people of EIRE, not the British of Ulster, who voted in that February election!

Sackur then suggested Sinn Fein should reflect on what is blocking its electoral advance, its legacy of longtime association with the IRA and its men of violence.’

The host raised the report from 3 weeks ago, when a top Eire cop said that ‘Sinn Fein was still controlled by the IRA Army Council!’

O’Brion shillied and shallied, then staged the usual Sinn Fein stand-up comic routine..

-‘the IRA no longer exists.’

All credit to Sackur, with whose variable approaches to guests I have sometimes disagreed…

But he was quick to remind O’Brion of yet another Sinn Fein scumbag, David Cullinnan, by name, deemed responsible enough by those who control the evil party to stand as a candidate.

The swinish electorate voted the swine in and he celebrated by hollering “Up The Ra!”

That, everywhere in Eire, and in Ulster too, means ‘up the IRA!’

O’Brion’s excuse?

It was late at night.There had been drink taken.’

Sackur drew the obvious conclusion.

As do we –

In Vino Veritas!