Chinese Virus ‘Racist?’ Word-Police Please Self-Isolate!

Outa bed, another Sunday-like morning here, few people in my street – actually none right now, unusual to say the least in Jakarta!

So fed the new cats –

..mama and two kits, walked into my front yard last weekend, declaring themselves my responsibility…

– and watched the news, including Australia’s ‘chief medical offer’ giving official advice – ‘don’t abuse supermarket staff!’

I must go to Superindo later, and will bear that in mind.

However, what struck me most was when President Trump was talking to the media, and some dorky hackette…



…demanding to know why he used the ‘racist’ terminology, ‘Chinese Virus.’

What a vacuous cow!

And what a perfect answer –


Because it comes from China!’ 


Since even the bozo bint’s lefty media comrades have been describing the plague in terms of its geographical origins…


…what’s with the dorkess?

Stupid or malign?

And are we now ‘racist’ if we attach any such country-labels to anything?

Dutch Treat? Siamese Twins?

Can the word-police please self-isolate?