Ever Heard Of Parakansalak? Time You Did!

Don’t know about back in The Old Country, but the BBC World we get here in Jakarta has been running show-off ads featuring famous folk they’ve interviewed.

One such is President Jokowi, telling us how tolerant Indonesia is.



Maybe he could make a day-trip and ask the local authorities in Sukabumi, West Java what part of his broadcast they failed to understand.

Their administrative area includes a place called Parakansalak, where dwell a number of Ahmadis.

The Ahmadiyah are a peaceful, extremely inoffensive religious minority, but have been horribly persecuted here, for no reason, except Islamist intolerance.


Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 


ahmadis transito 
Savage bigots in Lombok destroy Ahmadi homes -100 cops just watched – and that wasn’t this month, it was YEARS ago. 


Ahmadi kids in ‘shelter’ after their families were driven out of their homes by vicious Islamists

When President SBY was in power, a leader notable for his open mind on matters of religion…


….a specifically discriminatory diktat was declared, the notorious Tri-Ministerial Decree.

I used to hope Jokowi would chuck that diktat in one of his palace trash-cans, but so far, no such luck.

Anyway, back to Parakansalak!

Sadly, in 2008, their mosque was subjected to an arson attack by a mob of bigoted savages. After 12 years, the victimised community decided they should start reconstruction of their place of worship.

According to the Jakarta Post, the local Ahmadi leader, a Mr. Asep  Saepudin, felt obliged, on 3rd March, to report intimidation to the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM)


It seems that work was going ahead at the mosque when a senior police officer, named Slamet Irianto, showed up and told the work-men to stop work.


This is where it gets weird.

Remember, it’s a local top cop we’re talking about.

The police chief said that a mob would come to the site and ransack the building if the builders continued.

So he tells the good people to cower from evil savages?

Surely he has officers at his nearby precinct whom he can summon, if the mob is detected in the vicinity.

Surely the proper thing for a policeman of any rank is to take steps to ensure law-abiding folk can get on with their legitimate business.

Surely if a pack of pig-ignorant louts seek to interfere, the cops, all armed here, could simply fire a warning shot, then take out a few of the scumbags if they refuse to scarper.

The report gets even more nauseating the longer you read it, how local government turns out to be as unfamiliar with the concept of religious liberty as the cops there…


….but here’s the link if you wish to use it.

I try to write about the plight of the Ahmadiyah from time to time, but used to write a lot.
I should get back to that level of frequency.