In Canada, It Takes A Plague To Stop A Plague!

Good Grief!

Even Pretty Boy Turdo can talk sense!

Perhaps he caught a sanity virus, before hand-shakes became haram

….from shaking hands with Donald Trump?

That headline in the Toronto Star was something of a tonic –

Canada To Turn Away Irregular Asylum Seekers Coming From The U.S.’

Except of course for the use of the word ‘irregular’ instead of the correct term, ‘illegal!’

Trudeau said this deal will help protect Canadians from the new coronavirus that has killed more than 10,000 people around the world since it emerged in China almost three months

This outbreak of common sense is welcome – but so very belated.

Had The Turd listened to sensible voices years ago, then the millions of dollars sucked out of Canadian tax-payers’ pockets, every year, would not have been wasted!

Still, we await further signs of mental recover.

Will Pretty Boy next declare that he will soon start deportations, in order to lighten the burden he has placed on the public purse, with his insane policy of importation of hordes of unwelcome aliens?

Yeah, right!

Don’t hold yer breath!