Those Naughty Greeks! How Dare They Fight Back!

An amazing rant, from one of Erdolf’s minions, Edirne Health Director Ali Cengiz Kalkan, who doesn’t quite claim that Greeks are monsters who eat babies for breakfast…



…but his hysterical, spittle-flecked witter about Greece’s ‘inhuman treatment’ of violent savages seeking to invade their country is almost laughable.

Greek authorities come up with new methods every day to discourage migrants.

While Greek border police continue to use tear gas, plastic bullets and sometimes real bullets, they also used air fans to increase the impact of the tear gas. The last method has been the use of green lasers, which run the risk of causing permanent damage to the retina…


The rabble seem already to have problems with their eyes, unable to read the signs that say they are trespassing if they step onto Greek territory.


The only fault I can find with the Greek defenders of their border is their failure to use live ammo to deadly effect.

That would have ended the Turk-sponsored mayhem at once.

Erdolf’s cowardly goon-squad skulked behind the savages..



…cowering in the rear rather than leading the charge, even while the Greeks used only mild deterrent force.

Yet the mayhem was entirely their doing.

They very meticulously organised the illegal aliens’ transportation to the border.

Read this…

…by a journo who is most definitely NOT on the Greek side ( he ludicrously calls their resistance ‘heavy-handed!’) but who nevertheless provides explicit descriptions of the weaselly way Erdolf’s goons sent their puppets off to war…


….and then sat back to watch.

Imagine the Turks’ reaction if real bullets began to fly?

They’d have run all the way to the Asian side of the Bosphorus.