How Many Of You Have Been Election Candidates?

Have any of you ever been candidates in any kind of election?

I certainly have, from my first contest ( class rep to my high school’s debating society committee! ) then through university…

…where we fought the reds, and often won, for all the happy years I spent at my alma mater…

….and on into local government.

Some I won, some I lost.

Losing an election is never any fun, but you lick your wounds and get on with life


If you live in a democracy, there will always be another day, another fight.

What a contrast to that sleazy git Gillum, whom the voters of Florida almost chose as their state’s governor last year!


After Getting Drunk and Being Found in a Hotel Room with Meth and an Alleged Gay Escort, Andrew Gillum Heads to Rehab

Media around the world have exposed the sordid saga of drugs and degenerate deviant frolics in the company of a ‘gay escort…’

..but what amazed me most is that Gillum appears to blame his troubles on ‘depression’ after (thanks be!) losing to his Republican opponent.

Inadequates of that sort…



…..should steer clear of politics.

If you can’t stand the heat!