BoJo’s Brave New NHS – Hancock’s Hospital Gaystapo!

Out of the EUSSR…


Straight into an Orwellian nightmare  – presided over, note, not by a Corbynite Stasi stooge, but by one of Johnson’s jerks, Matt Hancock by name, Remainer and now UK Health Secretary…


Official portrait of Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP crop 2.jpg


…and evidently perfectly content, delighted, even, with a new callous NHS policy, for he tweeted – about the nauseating pro-pervert badges below –

Love this…Wear Mine with Pride!’


….badges symbolising his jackboot policy, whereby…



…if you’re ill or injured but your views on migrants, feminuts and/or sexual perversion, do not accord with the UK state ideology, then despite all those taxes you have contributed to the National Health Service…

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers! 

— also at your expense!

Yes, the universal health care, treatment for all regardless of economic status, is now to be denied to millions of Brits on political grounds…


…unless they hide any sign of commitment to decent moral standards, patriotism and traditional values.

As of this month –

NHS rules allow staff to deny care to patients who show racist, sexist and anti-LGBTQ views,

but this may lead to subjective judgement and won’t protect all personnel, one NHS employee believes.

“Nobody wants to see [general practitioners] threatened, so why use the usual victim groups, and not simply have an arrangement for all bad behavior?” Dr. David Mackereth rhetorically asked as he discussed the issue with RT.

Thank God for RT!

I have criticised them and praised them, but in this report, on the pervert privilege issue, they are sound as a bell!

Earlier this week, the UK announced new rules for NHS that are about to take effect in April.

They basically allow doctors to refuse treatment in non life-threatening cases to people who are acting in any discriminatory manner, be it racism, sexism or homophobia.

….the whole issue might be more about capitalizing on identity politics issues rather than about really stopping abuse…who would eventually judge whether one is acting discriminatory or not and make decisions that could have adverse effects on patients’ health.

So who get to decide what is ‘homophobic’?

And another good question!

Has ANY MP stood up in the House of Commons to challenge pro-perv Hancock?