Everywhere, Pro-Crimmigrants Exploit Virus Crisis!

We have already spotlighted how the pro-crimmigrants are trying to take advantage of the global health crisis to spring undesirable aliens from detention, in Britain..

Great Escape? UK Pro-Crimmigrant Pinkos Exploit Covid! 

Pro-Crimmigrant Medics Exploiting Corona Crisis?

.  ….and in Greece!

Now we have more news, of Switzerland’s Enemy Within, shrilling the same song as those nasty networks in those countries.

A coalition of rights groups, including Amnesty International and Solidarité  Sans Frontieres, argue a fair procedure is no longer guaranteed as it is difficult to carry out medical tests under the current restrictions and due to a lack of legal advisors who have been infected with the virus.

Heck, I bet a lot of checks that should be carried out all the time are never carried out anyway…

Help Patriot Punished For Telling Truth On Fake ‘Minor’ Migrants! 

Who’s forgotten Amber’s Army…


Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

…negligence similar to Britain’s.

And in all honesty, how many Swiss citizens, or any non-left-pinko-creeps, anywhere in European nations targetted by alien wannabe parasites…

…are spending sleepless nights worrying how ‘migrants have been left out of by the government’s health precautions and they often have to live in asylum centres housing “hundreds of people.”

Sorry, I’m guilty of a serious error in that last paragraph – the ‘asylumers’ in Switzerland are not WANNABE parasites.


They have already achieved parasite status, snouts deep into free board and lodgings, free medical treatment and, very possibly, unless the Swiss are smarter than certain other countries, like Germany…

….regular cash handouts from the public purse – the infamous ‘pocket-money!’

In fact, the Swiss authorities make it clear steps have been taken to cater for the parasites’s welfare.

The really good news is that –

Switzerland has closed its borders and denies entry to asylum seekers as part of the government’s measures to stem the spread of Covid-19.