UK Guardian Reveals German Media PC Censorship!

Some German leftist, Bernhard Pötter by name, given blabbering space in the leftist UK media, has lifted the lid on the lack of fair play in his own country’s so-called free press.


Much of it is simply a propagandist’s rant against the AfD patriot party, nothing unusual among Germany’s journo-jerk clique, not only in his own paper, but even including the tax-funded broadcaster DW…

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Currently, Pötter is all fretty because the AfD is speaking up for Germans who dissent from the Climate Panic narrative…

…and if you toil through his turgid prose, you find a brazen admission that fair play in the German media is a  rare phenomenon.



…the media rarely give a platform to anyone sceptical about the scale of the climate crisis.

Astonishingly, or maybe not, Pötter, himself a journalist, a senior editor with the Tageszeitung, makes that observation with no hint of disapproval.

But then, that Berlin newspaper where he works is notoriously leftist, so we should not expect too much in terms of commitment to balanced debate from its hacks.

Nor indeed to fair play in politics either.

Discussing the AfD’s role as defender of citizens dissenting from the ruling class’s ideological stance on climate…

…here’s his take on the state funding which all legal parties in Germany are entitled to claim.

The party receives public funding, yet is now the main destination for climate crisis denial.

Get that ‘YET!’

Does Herr Pötter object to the fact that the AfD receives public funding, because they disagree with him on climate?

His command of the English language is just fine, so he must realise that’s the message his choice of words clearly sends!