‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know?’ Not Byron – Pelosi

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know!

Somebody once said that about Lord Byron – he was on my mind today after writing about the Greeks’ fight for independence…

…in which Byron played a heroic role, no matter his personal short-comings.

But there ‘s nothing heroic about that putrid fanatic Nancy Pelosi, who let her rabid leftist hang-ups get in the way of the trillion dollar virus-related relief package just approved by the U.S.Senate.


Democrats blocked a Republican-proposed relief bill in the Senate earlier this week and proposed in the House a bill including several provisions, including $300 million for refugees and migrants, $35 million in funding for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, new fuel emission standards, and a climate change study

Is this woman clinically insane?

When most Americans with an ounce of sense realise that their country faces a crisis of terrifying proportions, she continues to obsess with her pet projects, alien ‘refugees,’ and climate panic stuff…


….and the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts?

I don’t know if any of her ideological hang-ups were unwisely tacked onto the final deal just done, but I hope not!