Salmond Off The Hook – Fishy Questions Surface!

Never exactly been a fan of Alex Salmond…

F**K Yer Votes, Jimmy!” Sore Loser Separatists Spit On Scots’ Decision 



…but equally was never convinced that he would be stupid enough to engage in the sort of conduct that got him into trouble with the law.

The seemingly orchestrated character of some of the accusations against him…


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Dodgy Doorways Into Blasey’s Blurry Brain 

…reminded me of the witch-hunt waged against Judge Kavanaugh in the USA!

Mr. Salmond must be very relieved, but I am more curious as to why the Guardian is suppressing the identities of the coven – “all of whom are current or former Scottish government officials, or SNP politicians” – his accusers, what one might describe as a powerful collection of insiders.

Of course, in a sex-assault trial, it is unacceptable to drag victims’ names before the public.

But now we have verdicts that show these women were not victims of any proven crime by the man accused.

Not only that, but we read that at senior levels of the Scots establishment, the initial developments in the anti-Salmon story fell to pieces, and the consequent developments were regarded not so much as a criminal justice case but as a ‘war.’

Read the linked report and see for yourself, and share my bafflement why that emailed (and ambivalent) declaration of ‘war’ was ruled inadmissible as evidence.