The Arrogance Of Pro-Crimmigrant Sticky-Beaks!

Just a quickie, as the bishop said to the actress!



Is it mere coincidence how pro-crimmigrant ‘NGOs’…

 – dedicated to aiding and abetting primitive aliens hell-bent on by-passing the legal ways of crossing borders that honest decent men and women respectfully follow –

…is it coincidence, or some sort of symbiotic or infectious mental disease…



…caught from frequent exposure to contact with uppity illegals, that leads the agitprop ‘activists’ to believe that they too are above the law…

….that they are not obliged to obey legitimate orders from those authorised by democratic governments?

I refer to this self-righteous tweet from a notorious aiding-and-abetting gang

Our mission to monitor the sea border north of was blocked by the Greek authorities yesterday. They again announced a restricted area prohibiting pleasure crafts to move around in the maritime border with !

Who the HELL do these ‘Mare Liberum’ pinko creeps…

…a Berlin based non-profit-association founded in 2018 by a transnational collective of activists…

…think they are?

If you or I were lucky enough to own a nice big boat, which I, sadly, do not, would you and/or I seek to prowl a dodgy part of the sea?

Would you or I resent a straightforward, clear, sensible instruction of that sort?

Do these ‘NGO’ sticky-beaks really think they are, or should be, above the law?

Why not ask them?


Damn the uppity ratbags!

Shipwreck, Sea, Clouds, Boat, Wreck, Ship, Rusty, Aged

May their recalcitrance, sooner rather than later, get them in too deep in troubled waters.