Grooming Cover-Up – Where’s All The Whistle-Blowers?

Just catching up on that grooming gang petition we publicised a week or two ago, and good to see it got enough signatures to be ‘considered for a Commons debate.

Petition – Release the Home Office’s Grooming Gang Review 

Like, uh, yeah, why the cover-up?


But how outrageous that Priti Patel, of whom we expect much better, is telling us that the government is STILL refusing to let the British people know what the research has revealed…

….about the horrors inflicted on young British girls by evil primitive predators, her flunkeys telling The Independent it was “not in the public interest” to do so.


Priti’s predecessor as Home Secretary,  Mr. Sajid Javid, last year asserted that ‘he wanted officials researching the causes of gang-based exploitation to leave “no stone unturned”.

Brits have a right to know what vile phenomena were crawling beneath the stones those ‘researchers’ lifted up….

….or if they recoiled from their instructed duty and performed a PC cringe rather than expose the folly of permitting multicult, non-British values, for example on the status of women, to taint the soil of a civilised country.

The Enemy Within, in all our countries, seems to have ‘whistle-blowers’ galore, scum like the traitor-freak Bradley Manning, eager to tell of secrets the release of which can do terrible damage to their countries.


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Where are PATRIOT whistle-blowers, brave enough to risk their jobs by telling us what we have a right to know!

In 2018, the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid ordered research into the “characteristics and contexts” of gangs abusing children...

But the Independent reported last month that the government was refusing to release the research, saying it was not in the “public interest” in response to the publication’s Freedom of Information request