In USA Too, Pro-Crimmigrants Aim To Put Innocents At Risk!

And in the USA too, the malevolent left is exploiting the corona crisis, taking advantage of the health crisis to demand that all illegal aliens be immediately released from custody and into communities throughout the United States.

Open Borders Coalition Demands All Illegal Immigrants Freed from Custody Over Coronavirus



It would be naive to say that the open-borders agitators are merely irresponsible.

I used the word  ‘malevolent’ quite deliberately, because the far-left shrills know as well as you or I do that by unleashing these crimmigrants…



…there would be an immediate, clear and present danger to any decent honest citizens who found themselves in consequent proximity to the swine.

ICE currently has 37,311 illegal immigrants in detention facilities, according to the latest agency figures. More than half—19,526—have criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, the records show…