What’s To Debate? Dirty Greedy Strasbourg Slugs!

The European Parliament is debating whether to retain MEP daily allowances, even when they work remotely from home.

The daily €323 lump sum is meant to cover things like hotel bills and meals, provided MEPs physically sign a register either inside the parliament in Brussels or in Strasbourg…

Is there no end to the slimy self-indulgence of these slugs in Strasbourg?

Of COURSE they need no hotel rooms if they’re working at home.

Of COURSE they need no meals, when they can eat what they or their spouses prepare for them.


If that allowance is paid, despite the fact there’s no justification, then they should be told by voters everywhere to pass it on to some deserving cause, like…



…establishing a Europe-wide support group, for women and children traumatised by sexual assaults committed by fake-‘refugees.’