Why Would Anyone NOT Shoot An IRA Scumbag?

Does anyone else find the following paragraph incomprehensible?

A Derry solicitor has said he will ‘strongly oppose’ a legal bid by the British Ministry of Defence to quash a verdict which found that the killing of IRA member Seamus Bradley was ‘unjustified’.

An ‘IRA member?’

Were the swine merely allegedly a member of the treasonous murder-gang, I could see the point in discussing the issue.

But it seems nobody disputes that this disloyal douche-bag had indeed joined the organisation of violent traitors, undoubtedly aware that they were engaged not only in endeavours to slaughter whatever members of the armed services and the police they could…


The Three Scottish Soldiers.



…but also up to their necks in ethnic cleansing, that went on for decades, massacres of men, women and children, in British Ulster and the British mainland…



…purely because the victims were British!

But the report, as we continue to read, gets more amd more bizarre.

Last August a coroner ruled that the British Army’s killing of Seamus Bradley in 1972 was unjustified, seemingly bringing a decades long campaign to clear his name to a conclusion.

How, disregarding legal verbiage, could anyone suggest that an IRA scumbag’s death was in ANY circumstances, be ‘unjustified?’

Soldier, copper, civilian, whoever, put a bullet into the terrorist piece of sh-t, deserves a medal, not some damfool coroner’s court blather!


The Evening Post, another KM paper, carries the bold message not to forgive the murderers, the IRA

Happily, ‘in November 2019 it emerged that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) intended to appeal the inquest findings into the killing of the 19-year-old IRA member shot dead by a British soldier during Operation Motorman in the Creggan area of Derry.’