Are The Dutch Doc Dorks VERIFYING The Names?

A bunch of leftist Dutch medics are demanding that the aliens who gate-crashed Greece and are currently held in Aegean island detention be unleashed to prowl among honest citizens.

 Dirty Thieving Scum – ‘Refugees’ Torment Greek Farmers!

Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 

Even in ‘detention,’ a lot of these crimmigrants have shown what may be expected of any such folly.


The uppity doc dorks claim to have 22000 ‘signatures’ to their impudent epistle, which is addressed to…

…..guess who…?


We call on all leaders of the EU to comply with this agreement from 2016, and to take refugees into their countries now…



As a history student, I recall that the Chartists’ petition to the UK parliament in 1848 was met with derision because it contained a large number of plainly bogus ‘signatures….’

Your Committee also observed the names of distinguished individuals attached to the petition, who can scarcely be supposed to concur in its prayer: among which occurs the name of Her Majesty, as Victoria Rex, April 1st….

Your Committee have also observed in derogation of the value of such petition, the insertion of numbers of names which are obviously fictitious, such as “No Cheese,” “Pug Nose”, “Flat Nose”.

There are others included, which your Committee do not hazard offending the House and the dignity and decency of their own proceedings by reporting.

It may be added that there are other signatures appended obviously belonging to the name of no human being.”

Heaven forfend that any of our readers might contemplate emulation of those naughty 19th century name-fakers, by adding…

 ‘….Victoria Rex,’ or ‘Charles Manson,’ or ‘Idi Amin’ or…well, any damfool name one might dream up, to the pro-crimmigrant ‘petition.’

Think of the reaction if it became clear many names were fake.

Or would the EUSSR, or anyone, even bother to verify the identities?

Passing your broker's account verification process



Surely they’d have to, or it would render the propaganda effort worthless?

For more info on this nonsense, patriots should look at where names may be added, viz. the link below.