Good News! Pig Krekar’s Particularly At Risk!

So here’s another story about that mangy malevolent Krekar, but first let’s refresh our memories, which Euronews does adequately…


Satanic sectarian Krekar

Norway revoked his refugee status in 2002 because Krekar had since spent long periods in Iraq and tried to extradite him labelling him a threat to national security.

As any sensible country would!

’Refugees,’ of the bogus sort, who are not seeking ‘refuge’ but in fact going walkabout to war-zones where evil sectarians abound, should be expelled.



The fact that significant numbers of such fakers have gotten away with such antics, in Canada…

‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 

They had been given sanctuary  in Canada because they had to flee the ‘frightful fate’ awaiting any of their kind in Sri Lanka.

  • But after getting settled into their new homes, there they were, gallivanting homewards, carefree tourists, back for family reunions, etc.


Toronto traffic chaos, thanks to Tamil ingrates

…and in Europe…

Swiss Tell Fakers – If You Go Home, Stay Home! 


Like Canada’s Tamils, ‘German’ Syrians Exposed -‘Fake Refugees!’ 


…is an affront to every tax-payer in the lands concerned.

But what’s even more disgraceful is the stupidity of the Norwegian Supreme Court,  which forbade the government in Oslo from deporting the pig to Iraq because it might face the desth penalty there.

As we have also said before…

C’mon, Norway! Send Satanic Sectarian Krekar To His Death! 

…….all the more reason to deport, if justice that decadent Europe would not impose might be available in Baghdad.

But the latest twist in the tale is that the slimy bearded git’s lawyer…

…has condemned his extradition to Italy, citing the COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed more than 8,200 deaths in the southern European country — the highest tally in the world.

Well, BOO-HOO!

Yet there’s good news to be savoured!

On Twitter, Meling said his client was particularly at risk due to his age, diabetes and high blood pressure…

Fingers crossed!